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Naturally Beautiful Podcast Show Notes 

EPISODE 9 - Season 1 Recap/Q&A (Solo Episode with Sabrine)

EPISODE 8 - Interview with Felicia Leatherwood - Celebrity Hairstylist and Natural Hair Expert

EPISODE 7- Interview with Barbara Jacques - Founder of JACQ'S Skincare

EPISODE 6 - Interview with Tiania and Scarlett of @scarlettandtiania - Mother and Daughter Digital Creator Duo

EPISODE 5 - Interview with Leysa Carrillo - Hairstylist and Educator, Founder of Forever Curls

EPISODE 4 - Interview with Penny Tovar - @pennytovar Digital Creator & Influencer

EPISODE 3 Interview with @mzbiancarenee - Digital Creator and Influencer

EPISODE 2 Interview with Mahisha Dellinger - Founder of CURLS

EPISODE 1 Interview with Julissa Prado - Founder of Rizos Curls

EPISODE 0 Interview with Sabrine - Founder of Naturally Beautiful (Solo Episode)

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