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5 Latinx-Owned Beauty Brands to Support

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

In celebration of Latinx Heritage month we are sharing some of our favorite Latinx-owned beauty brands.

We believe in supporting Brown and Black-owned businesses all year long, especially WOC-owned brands. This post will include brands that are Latinx-owned, but also woman-owned as well! Check out our previous blog post featuring Black woman-owned beauty brands here.

Latinx Heritage month is September 15th-October 15th



1. Rizos Curls

Julissa Prado is the founder and CEO of Rizos Curls. Julissa created Rizos Curls in 2017 after years of searching for affordable, quality products that worked on her natural curls. After spending a few years developing the right formula, Rizos Curls products have natural, quality ingredients that works on all curl types - from coils to wavy and everything in between.

2. Honey Baby Naturals

Aisha Ceballos-Crump is the founder and CEO of Honey Baby Naturals. After spending 15 years in the hair & skincare industry creating products and formulas for major brands, former chemical engineer, Aisha Ceballos-Crump created her own line of products to meet the various needs for her three kids‘ unique hair textures. The idea behind Honey Baby Naturals products stemmed from her grandmother‘s secret hair ingredient “miel,” or honey in Spanish.

3. Botanika Beauty

Ada Rojas is the founder of Botanika Beauty. After many years of being a well-known natural hair blogger, Ada recently launched her own natural hair care line. Inspired by her Bronx and Dominican Afro-Latina roots, Botanika's formulas include ingredients such as sage, oregano, and jojoba oils that you could likely find at any neighborhood botanica. Notably, Botanika Beauty is the sister brand of Honey Baby Naturals, with Ada and Aisha as business partners.



4. Brujita Skincare

Leah Guerrero is the founder of Brujita Skincare, an LA based Latina-owned and operated brand. With over ten years of experience as an esthetician in holistic skincare, Leah created Brujita Skincare in 2017 after immersing herself in the mercados of Mexico City, which inspires key ingredients used in her products. Based in holistic and sustainable practices, Brujita Skincare is aimed at serving all communities with affordable, natural skincare.



5. Hause of Curls

Sherly Tavarez is the founder and CEO of Hause of Curls. Growing up as a Dominican Afro-Latina, Sherly heard phrases like "pelo malo" (bad hair) in reference to naturally curly textured hair. After years of straightening her natural curls using heat and chemicals, Sherly began to embrace her curls and began her natural hair journey. She created Hause of Curls as a way to express her newfound confidence and empower others to embrace their natural hair. The signature catchphrase from Hause of Curls is "PELO MALO WHERE?" (Bad Hair Where?)


Have you tried any of these brands? Comment below your favorite Latinx-owned beauty brand and to see more make sure to check out the hashtag 'latinxheritagemonth' on Instagram.


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