The Naturally Beautiful Podcast

We started a podcast! 

Naturally Beautiful is a digital and IRL multicultural community (and now podcast!) that celebrates beauty and culture. 

Join us as we continue our mission of empowering, educating, and embracing women of color through community, programming, and curated partnerships. 


Tune in for all things beauty, culture, business, and so much more and hear from some amazing WOC special guests including top industry leaders, social media influencers, small business owners, and occasionally other individuals and organizations who share our same values. 


We are so excited to have you here and look forward to sharing new episodes with you.


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Ep 0 -

Solo Episode w/Sabrine 
Founder & Owner Naturally Beautiful 

Our very first episode is here, Episode 0 - Solo Episode w/ Founder & Owner of Naturally Beautiful. This is an introduction to our podcast and to our founder, as Sabrine shares her journey behind Naturally Beautiful and her own natural hair journey that led her here today.

Ep 1 -

Interview w/Julissa Prado 
Founder & CEO of Rizos Curls

In this episode, Sabrine interviews Julissa Prado, Founder and CEO of Rizos Curls. Julissa talks about her natural hair journey, the inspiration behind starting Rizos Curls, how she went from being a small business startup operating out of her family's garage to an internationally known and loved hair care line in less than 4 years, and how intuition and creativity has played a major role in her life. 

For more information about Rizos Curls visit
IG: @rizoscurls

In this episode, Sabrine interviews Mahisha Dellinger, Founder and CEO of CURLS. Mahisha shares the inspiration behind starting CURLS, how she went from being a small business startup to a global hair care brand that is still at the top of its game 19 years later, and how she gives back by helping other women of color through business and educational opportunities that are specifically meant to help black women succeed as business owners. 

For more information about CURLS visit
IG: @curls


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Ep 2 -

Interview w/Mahisha Dellinger
Founder of CURLS 

Ep 3 -

Interview w/Bianca Renee (@mzbiancarenee), Digital Creator and Influencer 

In today’s episode Sabrine interviews digital content creator, influencer, YouTuber, and curly hair guru Bianca Renee of @mzbiancarenee on IG and Bianca Renee Today on YT. We chat about her natural hair journey, how she began her YT channel and grew it into a full time career, and how she has influenced and helped millions of curlfriends around the world to embrace their natural hair through years worth of product testing and honest reviews and yearly challenges. Bianca also shares her number one advice for beginning your curly journey, why she doesn’t use just any products, why she turns down paid brand deals, and her tips on how to build your own social media presence. We also talk about how she uses her platform to talk about important issues and how she gives back to the community.
This episode is full of great tips and information for anyone beginning their natural hair journey or is a fan of natural hair, or even trying to become a content creator. 

For more information about Bianca visit
IG: @mzbiancarenee
Youtube: BiancaReneeToday

Ep 4 -

Interview w/Penny Tovar (@pennytovar), Digital Creator and Influencer 

In today’s episode, Sabrine interviews digital content creator, beauty influencer, and lifestyle vlogger Penny Tovar @pennytovar on IG, formerly known as @curlypenny. We chat about her natural hair journey and how she got started on YouTube, her growth and personal journey as a social media influencer and registered nurse, how she has evolved over the past 8 years through healing and self love, her love for sustainability and green beauty, and tips to incorporate it in your everyday lifestyle. We also chat about her upbringing and the emotions and process behind recently chopping off over 24 inches of her hair.
Thanks again for tuning into today's episode!


For more information about Penny Tovar visit
IG: @pennytovar

Ep 5 -

Interview w/Leysa Carrillo, Hairstylist, Educator, and creator of Forever Curls

In today’s episode, Sabrine interviews Leysa Carrillo, internationally known and recognized hairstylist and educator, and creator of Forever Curls Education. We chat about her natural hair journey, growing up in Cuba, her career as a professional dancer, and the journey that led her to becoming an award-winning hairstylist and educator that works alongside brands such as Redken and Mizani. 
Thanks again for tuning in and we hope you enjoy today's episode!

For more information about Leysa Carrillo visit
IG: @leysahairandmakeup

Ep 6 -

Interview w/Scarlett and Tiania of @scarlettandtiania, Mother-Daughter Digital Creator Duo

In today's episode, Sabrine interviews Tiania of @scarlettandtiania on IG and TikTok. We chat about their journey as a mother and daughter duo thats taken social media by storm with their affirmation videos, and what inspired her to create and share these videos with the world. We also chat about what made Tiania decide to begin learning about natural hair, and how the Black community has helped her along the way. Plus, Scarlett stops by at the end to share some affirmations with us. This is a great episode for everyone, especially those with kids! We hope you enjoy today's episode.  

For more information about Scarlett and Tiania visit
IG: @scarlettandtiania