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Summer 2022 Current Curly Hair Routine and Favorite Products (Sabrine's Picks)

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

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In this post, our founder Sabrine will share her current hair routine, current favorite products in rotation, and her tips and tricks for maintaining her curly textured hair.

I'm super excited to be sharing with you my current hair routine and favorite products in rotation. We'll call this my Summer 2022 routine, and what products I have been using and loving. As of now, this is my simplified minimal naturally curly hair routine that has been working for me and my hair.

In all honesty, if you've listened to the latest podcast episode (no. 19 - Current Hair Routine and Favorite Products - Summer 2022, Sabrine's Picks), then you'll know that I am in desperate need of a haircut/trim, and I haven't been consistent with my pre-poo and deep conditioner. I want to share this with you to be real - it's okay to fall off your routine every once in a while. But I know that I need to get back on the healthy hair train, so I'm committing myself to getting a haircut, and pre-pooing/scalp massages and deep conditioning every week, or at minimum 2x a month.

Like any hair routine, this is what works for me and is to be used as a guideline. You know your hair best, but there are simple tips and steps to maintain healthy curly hair that everyone can follow along or use as a starting point when creating their own hair routine and rituals.

Here are the simple steps and products I am using now:

Step #1 - Pre-Poo / Scalp Massage

I use hair oils to give myself a scalp massage and to stimulate the hair follicles to promote growth. Just a few drops in my hand and using fingertips to massage the oil on my scalp. I do not detangle at this time, just massage the oils into my scalp and with any remaining oil apply to the rest of my hair, focusing on the roots and ends. Leave on for 20 minutes before cleansing.

Step #2 - Shampoo

Use shampoo to clean your scalp and hair to get rid of any product buildup, oils, sweat, dandruff, etc. If you wash 1-2x a week or less, I recommend to use shampoo at minimum once per week. If you wash more than 2x a week, only use shampoo when needed (1-2 times minimum). Focus shampoo on scalp, use fingertips to gently lift away all buildup/dirt. Let the water run the shampoo down your hair to clean the rest, but do not try and fully detangle your hair or this can cause more breakage. Rinse and repeat if needed. (Double shampoo if you feel your hair or scalp is not fully clean).

"Don't be afraid to shampoo twice. Sometimes you need a double cleanse to get rid of all the buildup and oils." – Sabrine Mora, Founder of Naturally Beautiful

Step #3 & 4 - Deep Conditioner & Conditioner

After cleansing, we need to condition the hair to bring back moisture. I use enough to fully saturate and detangle my hair. When I do deep condition, the order of steps can change - sometimes I will condition first, sometimes I will deep condition first, it all depends on the thickness of the product and how my hair feels that day. For deep conditioner, use on clean hair and leave in for a minimum of 10-30 minutes for product to penetrate strands for full benefits. Rinse out using COLD WATER. Using cold water at the end of your cleanse and condition closes the cuticle of the hair and pores on the head, which helps lock in the moisture and prevents frizz.

Step #5 - Styling

Once hair is cleansed, conditioned, and rinsed out, we are ready for styling products. I l like to apply curl cream on sopping wet hair and in the shower if possible to contain the mess of hair, water, and excess product. Starting in the front, I style using raking method from one side to the next, the top of my head, and then the back. Then I flip upside down and smooth the entire hair using prayer hands. Next, I add gel in the exact same steps to lock in moisture and products, for extra hold. Final styling step (optional) - scrunch hair all over to encourage curl pattern (optional)

Step #6 - Drying

Use microfiber towel to scrunch out excess water, gently. Air dry (or diffuse). After dry, use a pick or wide-tooth comb to fluff/pick roots.


Current Products I've Been Using & Loving

These are the current rotation of products I've been using. I usually like using one product line at a time, but sometimes I mix and match products/brands.

PS: I only use one of each type of product and a time. And to style, one curl cream followed by one gel, and sometimes just one curl cream.

*Please note: this is not a sponsored post, and these are my actual recommendations.

non-affiliate links to each product can be found below!

Pre-Poo / Scalp Massage :

safo scalp serum


rizos curls hydrating shampoo

innersense hydrating cream hairbath


rizos curls deep conditioner

innersense hydrating cream conditioner

Deep Conditioner

ouidad coil infusion triple treat deep conditioner

Curl Cream

rizos curls curl defining cream

innersense quiet calm curl control

ouai curl creme fragrance free


jessicurl spiralicious styling gel

innersense i create hold gel

ouidad advanced climate control heat and humidity gel


LISTEN to the full episode here:

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