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Tips to Protect Your Curls in The Summer

On today's blog post, we're talking summer curl protection. That's right, your curls need protection from the sun too! From humidity to UV rays, we're here to help you protect those strands and have a hot CURL summer.

Today's post is also a special one! For the first time ever, we have partnered with a special guest to collaborate with us on a blog post. We asked natural hair care therapist and natural hair educator LaTasha Lathen of Hairapy Session in Oakland, CA for some do's and don't for protecting your luscious locks during the hotter months. Read below for more!


Tip 1: Condition, Often

Conditioner (aka moisturizer) is like sunblock for your hair. This is not to be confused with oils. Moisture comes from a cream based substance, not oil(s). Condition your hair 1 -2 days before sitting out in the sun.

Tip 2: Use Moisturizing Hairspray

Use a moisturizing spray for your curls before going outside that can serve as a heat protectant from the sun.

Tip 3: Protective Styling

Protective styles will not only give your strands a break from manipulation, but can also encourage length retention. Scarves, hair wraps, etc. can also help protect your hair from harmful UV rays.


Tip 1: Never grease or oil your scalp or hair before sitting in the sun

why: Oil and grease can reflect the sun and cause sunburn on the scalp.

Tip 2: Never sit directly in the sun with braids or ponytails that are too tight

why: Braids or ponytails that are too tight can cause the scalp to dry out, and (hair) breakage can occur.

To learn more or book a hairapy session with Latasha, visit her IG @latasha_the_hairapist or her website

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